This is Andrea\’s Blog, you _____!

{April 18, 2006}   Today is tuesday.

I just wasted seven hours of my life today. Bummer. >.<

Oh and to the weird person who sent a message to me the other day.

I don't like you. *cheers!


{April 13, 2006}   Swim, Andrea, swim!

The pool beside our house is finally done. My brothers and I already went swimming a while ago. It was fun even though I got sun burns. Lol. I love the feeling of being in the water for hours and just relaxing. No one was there to yell and to bug me. Haay. But after relaxing… My brothers and I played a game. Call us “isip bata”, we don’t care. :P

This day was almost perfect but my oldest brother got mad. He pissed me off a little. Shouting, throwing his slippers, and blaming me. Gosh! Ang init talaga ng kanyang ulo. Okay, maybe you’re wondering why he is mad in the first place, huh? It’s because we didn’t tell him to get ready to go to church. -Blah… Blah… Blah…– He got mad and he drove us to church. Take note, ang bilis ng kotse. Err.

Anyway, at least we’re still alive. *Yey!

{April 12, 2006}   Tantananannan. New blog.

Ah, yes. I made a new blog again. This is what happens when I’m bored. I’ve been in front of my computer for 6 hours. I’m only chatting, posting, and surfing the net the whole day. What a waste of time, huh? Err.

Oh, well. I'm going to swim now. Oh, And before you go… Please visit this forum. Tambay na! Wahoo!

Bye-bye! ^^

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